Interview With the Founder - What's the Story?


How Did Building a Wellness Brand Come to Your Mind? 

NOEO originated after a period of physical and mental ailments, I had suffered since my early childhood.


I trained myself to always be a strong and self-confident person, that people in my surrounding thought I was.  What many didn’t know was that I’ve been suffering from bad back pain all my life, which has prevented me from doing high intensity sport or anything that would put too much strain on my lower back. I started becoming dependent on pain medications, even though I was always against it. The side effects followed pretty quickly and I started to have major problems with my gut, such as bloating and chronic acid reflux. 

Additionally, I developed a severe tendency to have migraine attacks. I had unbearable pain, which caused me to spend days in bed because unfortunately even heavy pain killers did not help.

What Do You Think Was the Main Reason For Your Gut Problems?

When I moved to Australia in 2015 to model, I was expected to loose weight to be able to work. Not easy for someone who loves food as much as I do.
I disciplined myself in eating less but slowly developed an eating disorder, making me loose 9kg in 4 months, ending up with a weight of only 48kg at a height of 174cm. This totally messed up my stomach, leading to indigestion, fatigue, physical weakness, and anxiety. Even though I am an extremely lively and social person, I started to seclude myself extremely, as I didn’t want to be confronted with food. I completely lost the joy to be out and about. 

How Did Your Modelling Further Effect This?

My job as a model didn’t really support my wellbeing, but rather made things worse. Besides the chronic pain I had, I also started to loose self-confidence. I started to have anxiety and there were days where I was just extremely unhappy, for no particular reason. 
Not to get me wrong, modelling opened up so many beautiful possibilities and paths, I wouldn’t want to trade it with anything. It allowed me to travel, see different places, delve into magnificent cultures, taste the most amazing food creations, and make incredible friends. But as everything in life, you have to find a healthy balance… and I was loosing it. Modelling simply became a vehicle to afford the pleasurable moments that came along with it.

Why Did You Decide to End Modelling as a Fulltime Job?

I was/am super grateful for the life I am living, but I think that sometimes in life you need to make a decision…  
Instead of actually enjoying all these major advantages I had, I became extremely unhappy and unfulfilled. One day it was migraine, the other anxiety, the other self doubt and so on and so forth. On top of this, the constant pressure to perform at the will of others. No real planning was possible and my agenda was majorly controlled by my agents and clients. Everyone expecting me to be everybody’s darling, always happy and smiling... which is sometimes not that easy :)

Why Did You Decide to Implement Yoga and Nutrition Into Your Life and How Did it Effect NOEO?

This whole episode culminated into a little physical and mental breakdown. During a yoga retreat, I visited in India for one months, I started to realise that I was ready to take a step back from modelling. I started studying nutritional science, discovered yoga as my “feel good” medicine and got certified as a teacher. I started to become familiar with the power of meditation and attended talks, conventions, and summits on alternative healing methods.

What Brought Your Interest to CBD and Other Adaptogenic Herbs? 

On my path I met many experts that guided me on formulations to tackle specific lifestyle diseases, such as sleep disorders, acid reflux and inflammation, post-exercise muscle soreness, and so on.
I became more aware of the healing powers of CBD and began to teach myself with the help of others what these plants capabilities are. This is how NOEO slowly started to come to life. And how do I know it works? Because I treated myself successfully with it.
I am pretty sure that there are other people out there who are going through similar issues, I wanted give them an alternative treatment method, which hopefully will have the same positive impact.

What Makes Your Brand NOEO Special? 

All NOEO products are herbal/phyto-based and of organic origin. We don’t use chemicals, pesticides, or other non-natural ingredients. Our products are lab-tested and manufactured in high-end medical grade facilities in Germany. We believe in ancient intelligence and I’m humbled and thrilled to be able to share their properties with a greater audience, in form of NOEO products. 

I hope that my story inspires, and that people become more open to alternative healing methods.