Zoomen Gedächtnis Komplex
Zoomen Gedächtnis Komplex
Zoomen Gedächtnis Komplex
Zoomen Gedächtnis Komplex

Gedächtnis Komplex


Our brain is the most complex organ with billions of neurons in use. Long- and short-term memory is crucial when it comes to performing in everyday tasks, especially in focused or high stress situations.

We have spent months researching the right formulation to provide our brains with the perfect nutrition, and here it is. A complex of medicinal mushrooms and herbs that were already used by humanity even before we knew science. Now, using modern technological advances we created a perfectly balanced supplement with hericium (aka Lion’s Mane) and cordyceps extract to support the brain’s functions.  

  • 60 capsules per jar
  • Without gluten, lactose, genetic engineering, artificial coloring or flavors.

  • 100% vegan

  • Recommended 2 x 1 capsules per day

Ingredients per capsule

  • 175mg Hericium extract

  • 100mg Cordyceps extract

  • 50mg Ginseng extract   

  • 40mg Gingko extract 

  • 15mg Saffron extract    

  • 60mg Rhodiola rosea extract    

  • 60mg Aceola extract 

  • 1,1mg Vitamin B1 

  • 1,4mg Vitamin B2 

  • 1,4mg Vitamin B6 

  • 2,5µg Vitamin B12 

  • 16mg Niacin    

  • 6mg Pantothenic acid 

  • 200µg Folic acid 

  • 50µg Biotin 

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Gedächtnis Komplex