Our Story


NOEO originated after a period of physical and mental ailments I had suffered since early childhood, which eventually culminated into a burnout. Then I started studying nutritional science, discovered yoga as my “feel good” medicine, and got certified as a teacher. By attending talks, conventions, and summits on alternative healing methods I became familiar with the power of meditation. Additionally, I became aware of the healing powers of nature and began to educate myself on medicinal cannabis and other adaptogenic herbs. With the help of others, I discovered natures capabilities. This is how NOEO slowly started to come to life. And how do I know it works? Because I treated myself successfully with it. 
All NOEO products are plant based and organic. We don’t use chemicals, pesticides, or other non-natural ingredients. Our products are lab-tested and manufactured in high-end medical grade facilities in Germany. We believe in ancient intelligence and now I’m thrilled to share their properties with a greater audience in the form of NOEO. 
As a small team based in Berlin, we aim to redefine our health, a state that includes more than our mind and body. It is defined by our connection with the environment around us. NOEO was created with the aim of providing daily wellness through natural and herbal-based products.  
To anyone that is going through something similar, I hope that these alternative treatment methods will have the same positive impact on you.