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Mushroom Complex Joints

It is estimated that one in four adults suffers from joint pain in the form of rheumatoid arthritis and/ or osteoarthritis. The main reason being the degeneration of joint cartilage. We’ve teamed up with a number of experts in the field, to come up with our own, unique formula for Mushroom Complex Joints. The composition consists of medicinal herbs and mushrooms, and essential vitamins that help control inflammatory responses in the body while aiding mobility to keep joints healthy and strong both now and in later life. It protects joint cartilage and promotes the buildup of new one. It also improves general blood circulation and counteracts the process of muscle reduction.
Mushroom Complex Joints is 100% vegan.


Why It Works:

  • Shiitake Mushroom: has shown to reduce rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Maitake Mushroom: has shown to reduce rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Auricularia Mushroom: has shown to enhance blood flow.
  • MSM: has shown to be effective for reducing symptoms of osteoarthritis and conferring antioxidant protection to the body.
  • Rose Hip: is used to treat rheumatoid diseases like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It improves joint health by reducing pain and stiffness.
  • Curcumin: has anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties.
  • Aceola/ Grape Seed Extract: may enhance flood flow.
  • Vitamin E: boosts the immune system.
  • Manganese: can reduce osteoarthritis pain.
  • Copper: is said to help reduce inflammation in the joints.
  • Selenium: is said to help prevent rheumatoid arthritis.

You & NOEO

 WHEN: One in the morning and one before going to bed 

  HOW: With a drink of your choice 

  DOSE: we recommend 2 capsules a day 

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Joints Complex

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