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Balance of body & mind through ancient forms of healing.

Our Vision

At NOEO, we would love to see all people using natural remedies to heal themselves and reach their full potential.

Our Products

Specially designed and made with integrity, NOEO offers a wide range of products for everyday life. We only use natural ingredients that are carefully selected and tested in order to provide the best quality for our customers. 


Not only are all NOEO products made from natural ingredients, they offer amazing health benefits with a single, small dose. Experience their full potential in small doses.



Our ingredients have been carefully selected with extensive research, effort, and lots of love. Our packaging is eco-friendly and biodegradbale.


We’ve been there and know the frustrations of finding actual relief to daily ailments. Formulated in Berlin, we are here to guide you through an alternative way of healing.


We are constantly on the hunt for the newest discoveries in naturally derived supplements, medicines, and alternative therapies.

My wife, who has early stage thrombosis, has less pain in her fingers.

Walter, 86 Joint Capsules

No more bloated stomach after a meal. It is such a relief!

Mary, 26 Digestion Capsules

I can focus much better during the day and I feel less sleepy.

Tobi, 30 Memory Capsules

I used to be very forgettable and now it seems like I can memorize my to dos much better!

Maaike, 22 Memory Capsules

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